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10×12 Shed Plans

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10X12 Shed Plans in 10 Easy Steps

Follow each fully described step carefully, and sure enough these 10X12 Shed Plans will enable you to build a great shed that your family will be proud of.

Step One

Of course you will want to choose where you desire the shed to be built. The area needs to be cleaned out of rocks and any boulders that may exist on the land, and thus clear the land for the space that you think your 10X12 shed will take up as well as leaving room for construction.

10x12 shed plans

Step Two

Once you have the right size in mind, you might wish to make a rough sketch of what you desire. That does not mean that you need to make a blueprint, just a sketch. Next, you will want to take that sketch to your nearby home improvement store. You will need to give them the specs, of course, but many other plans are available online so that you can see what specs are and how to write them. Once at the home improvement store, they will actually draft your 10X12 Shed Plans for you, and include all the specs that you have provided. From that, they will then give you a list of building materials that will be required, and they will take that right off your 10X12 Shed Plans too. What’s really nice about these home improvement stores is that they have knowledgeable help, and they will actually guide you every step of the way as to how to build your shed.

Step Three

Purchase your materials. That just makes sense so that you need not interrupt construction to run to the store for supplies later.

Step Four

Back home with your plans, and materials, you are ready to begin. You have already prepared the land, but you may still need to level it. Your next step is to lay your foundation. Of course you may have elected for your shed to have a wooden floor, or you may have even decided that it should have a concrete slab floor. Your home improvement store will have sold you the correct materials for either one, so now it’s a matter of following directions.

Step Five

You will wish to construct the side walls next. By having all of your materials laid in the correct order, you will be able to make each side wall so that it’s lying down, and when each has gone together, and all the side walls are finished then you lift each side into position. Your guide will provide you with all the instructions you’ll need.

10 x 12 shed plansStep Six

Once your side walls are anchored, it is then time to construct the roof. Roofs need trusses, and if you look at the plans, you will see what they are made of, how they are fitted, and even how to tie them to the side wall sections.  A good tip is to make one truss, and then simply utilize the one as a template for the others. Your guide will show you everything you need to know about constructing those trusses.

Step Seven

So, now you have taken your 10X12 Shed Plans and what you have made almost looks like a great shed already. Following this, you can now construct your end walls. Verify how you will construct those according to whatever is in your plans. Another important tip is to always remain with the original plans and never veer from them.

Step Eight

You will soon be done making your shed. Creating the trim on the shed is what will give it a more professional look, thus the next tip is to never scrimp on trim. After all, trim is easy to make, and superbly easy to attach, so go for it! It is really easy to build 10×12 storage shed plans.

Step Nine

Your final steps are to apply shingles to the roof and lastly you will need to treat the wood. The elements will quickly tear up your shed and cause wood rot if it is not treated with some kind of protective coating. Your home improvement store will have sold you the correct coatings, such as paint, stain or varnish. Application of any of these goes on easily, and that’s when it really takes the shape of a professionally constructed shed.

Step Ten

Congratulations, you’ve done it! Call your family to sit back with you to admire hour handy work. Surely they will all agree that it’s much better than those available at the store!

You can download 10×12 shed plans blueprint here.

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